Tuesday, March 24, 2009

6 month check-up

Abigail after school and Henry after the dreaded 6 month shots! I tried and tried to get a decent picture of them together and this is the best I got!
I took these of Henry today after his dr. appointment because I forgot to take my camera with me to the Dr. I made the appointment while Abigail was at school so just the two of us went. He was really happy and talked and smiled at everyone. He also had that paper on the exam table shredded in minutes! He got his first peek of a tooth yesterday. I guess really his gum just looks like it is split open and you can feel the tiniest little sharp place. It looks painful and that combined with the shots today had made for a great day! Ha! He has finally slowed down on gaining weight. Here are his stats:
wt 18 lbs. 1 oz(I am not sure this has changed since the last time I took him in) 75%
ht. 28 in. 90-95% he had a growth spurt apparently
head 44 -55%

Spring Break at the zoo!

Just arrived, everyone is still awake and full of energy.
Posing with the bears. Had words with a boy that told her she didn't have sunglasses and the sassy came right and she told him, hands on hips and all! We had to discuss when to ignore people and just because he wasn't talking nice didn't mean she didn't have to.
We went with Carla and Jack. We both have year passes and with the crowd that was there that day, I already have my moneys worth by not having to wait in that awful line to get in the zoo.
This is why I am excited about the zoo membership, we don't have to stay ALL day to feel like we get our moneys worth. This is how my two were before we were even ready to leave the zoo. Jack was still going strong. We can't wait til next time.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Abigail and Henry

Pictures out of order of course, Henry wants to see what she is doing all the time!
Abigail wanted me to take a picture of her kissing her "baby brother."

Right now they are getting along great and Abigail is to good with Henry, she never gets frustrated with anything he does and she had rather play with him than anything else. Henry of course watches every move Abigail makes and laughs at her constantly.

Abigail is just letting Henry listen to her Tag story and I was laughing because Henry couldn't keep his hands off her and Abigail never said a thing.

Even when he started pulling hair! She just kept reading.
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The Gardner and the Dancer

Abigail had community helper dress-up day at school last week and she went as a gardner. We (or I) just picked what community helper to dress as based on what we had around here to wear! She was the only gardner there and so I am glad we picked that.
She also had her first dance class last Friday and she did great. There are only 5 kids in her class and she really enjoyed it. Mark this down in writing, she was given the choice of the black of pink leotard at Target and she chose black. I couldn't believe it.
Practicing a few moves before we left for class.
We were behind the glass so the pictures turned out dark but she did great and really tried hard to do everything she was asked.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Henry is 6 months old!

Yesterday Henry was 6 months old. He is doing great and he is a really happy baby. He loves to eat and laughs at Abigail all the time. He is still taking 4 bottles a day and eating solids at supper. We are working on sleeping, overall he does pretty good. He is getting more attached to the paci even though I said I wouldn't let that happen again after Abigail. I am trying to work on that. I am not an advocate for crying it out but I don't want to be up walking him around every night either to get him back to sleep. This too shall pass, I know! He is growing so fast I am enjoying every little thing good or bad. He loves sitting in the floor playing with his toys and is starting to "hug" you as Matthew calls it. He will lean his head over to your head, it is so cute. For my future knowledge he is wearing size 3 diapers and 9 -12 month size in clothes. He seems to have slowed down on gaining weight and now seems to be right on track with where Abigail was as far as size. I can't believe he is 1/2 a year old, it seems like just yesterday he was born. We love him to pieces and can't wait for his next new trick!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last of the snow pictures!

This blogger only chooses 4 of the pictures I selected to here are the ones that got left out. Matthew and Abigail walking back up out little hill to sled again. It is the perfect size hill for her. The snow was a little too deep though.
Henry all bundled up to go out to take a picture.
Millie loving the snow!
The table on Sunday morning.
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March 1, 2009-Snow Day Part 2

Henry was watching out the window. He will be out there next year!
Millie had more fun than anyone. I think she must have been a husky in her first life! Either that or she is so desperate for a haircut right now that she is trying to tell us something. She collected lots of snowballs in her hair. She would just bury herself in the snow head first and roll in it.
I did bundle Henry up to have his picture taken in his first snow.
Abigail spent most of her time on the ground rolling in the snow or eating it. She was eating every time I looked out the window.
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Feb. 28, 2009-Snow Part 1

It started snowing in the afternoon on Saturday and Abigail had been wanting to go outside since she woke up from her nap but we kept trying to put it off because it was still snowing pretty hard and getting dark fast. After supper she just had to go out for a few minutes.
Catching snowflakes on her tongue. She had been waiting all afternoon to do this.
This is how much snow we had on Saturday night before I went to bed. You should have seen it Sunday morning.
Matthew made Abigail a pile of snowballs for her to throw.
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