Monday, August 25, 2008

New Rooms and New Stroller

We didn't do much to the nursery but I did get new blue bedding that I am really happy with. We didn't paint or anything because we never painted it for Abigail and when he moves to a big bed he will move upstairs next door to Abigail and we will paint then. Could have had the bumper pad monogrammed but that would have required a name which we have yet to completely decide on.

New double stroller from Matthew's parents. Looking forward to still being able to stroll the mall with two kids. That's Tin Man riding in the car seat that Abigail has been playing with.

Abigail is finally sleeping in her upstairs room and I posted about the furniture at Christmas but we have added curtains, cushions and pillows to make it look better. Matthew's mom made all of it and I think it makes the room look tons better. Otherwise Matthew said I needed to put black spots on the pink bedspread and just call it a watermelon. The other picture got out of order at the top somehow. Sorry!

By the way today August 25, 2008 is our 7 year anniversary. I can't believe we have been married that long and are about to have two children. Matthew got us a much needed fancy new shiny grill. Our other one broke a couple of weeks ago and I have missed it dearly. Now we can eat again. I had been grilling a lot because I get too hot in the house with the oven on. I hope I cool down once the baby is born! Speaking of baby I have a scheduled induction on Friday, September 5th unless he comes on his own before then.
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Singing in the rain/3 year check-up

Abigail has been asking to jump in the puddles since we bought these shoes earlier in the summer when they were on clearance. Unfortunately there haven't been many puddles to jump in. She finally got a chance last week and had a blast.
Breaking in the new rainboots.
We also went to the Pediatrician to get the medical form so she can start preschool. Luckily I had to take her to the Dr since June of 2007 and she had barely turned two. Needless to say she has no memory of going to the Dr. I was a little worried at how she might do and luckily I know there were no shots or needled involved so I was hoping she would cooperate. She did great and was especially excited to go if it meant that she could wear a dress. She wants to wear a dress everyday no matter what and so some mornings if I can't make that happen we have trouble getting dressed.
Feeling excited about going to see Dr. Hanson!
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Swimming 2008

We have been going swimming a couple of time a week and Abigail loves it more and more each year. She isn't afraid of the water and learns more the older she gets just by going and getting used to it. She is really independent in her life jacket and just swims and goes wherever she wants. She kicks great and goes all over the pool. She likes to go"to the deep."
She thought she wanted googles from watching the other kids wear them but she doesn't really like them. She tries to wear them but has them off in a minute. She doesn't voluntarily put her face in the water if you ask her too, however she jumps in and gets splashed all the time and it doesn't bother her then. She seems to not even notice that the water got in her face.
Not the best habit but the more I told her not to do that the water was dirty the more she did it. I hope it is her age, she can be stubborn like that. I have just decided the best way to handle things like this is to just ignore her if it is not killing her and she eventually stops.
Bringing her noodle with her to the side.

Zoo then and now

We have made the zoo trip with Mandi and Mia before and we took the same stroller picture this time just to have to compare. They look so little just over a year ago. It was obviously a different season with the coats and hats.
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Trip to the zoo with friends

At the beginning of July Mandi, Jason, Dianne, Windell, Anna, and Mia came from Paris to go to the zoo her and invited us to go. It was blazing hot that day but we hadn't been to the zoo in a long time so we enjoyed it anyway. I was 7 months pregnant of course so the shaved ice treat we shared was well worth the price.
Looking at the sea lions and polar bears. It is air conditioned in there so we stayed a while!
They were swimming by over and over, it was a good day to see the polar bears.
Mia and Abigail in the butterfly house. Abigail desperately wanted a butterfly to land on her but she just didn't unserstand you had to be really still for this to happen. I was really pretty in there with all the flowers and waterfalls.

Fourth of July 2008

Having fun at the Redbirds game. They had fireworks after the game and Abigail was glad her cousing were able to come play with her for a week.
Watching the game and trying to get her picture made all at once!
Guess who was tired and didn't want to hace her picture made so she decided to just pout about it a little. This has a been a little issue since hitting the threes.
Eating ribs or sweet meat on the bone as Abigail calls it.

Vacation Bible School 2008

We did Vacation Bible School for the first time this year. I helped teach a kindergarten class so Abigail got to go even though she isn't 4 yet. The first day was a little hard on her I think because when I picked her up she said "you left me all along (alone) for a long time" then she asked if Dad was home from work yet as if she had been there all day. It was from 9-12am and she seemed to really enjoy the rest of the week there were no tears from being left and was disappointed when it was over. The bottom picture is from the first say and that is the best she would do for a good picture so I took another one later in the week and you can see she was intertested in the doll stroller and wand more than the picture.
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Learning ballet from Little Einsteins

My mom dug my old dance recital costume out and it has now become a favorite in the "dress ups" box as Abigail calls it. This is her arabasque(sp?, should have looked that word up before I started this, too late now). She goes to the right and left. Below is her pirouette. Even Matthew has said she would really enjoy dance classes. I would choose gymnastics and she would like it but she says she wants to take dance. Either way we aren't doing either right now with the baby and preschool starting next week, we are going to use the next few months to get adjusted to all that. Maybe after Christmas we can look into an activity.
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