Thursday, June 30, 2011

May 21, 2011...First lost tooth

Abigail pulled her first tooth the Saturday after the last day of school (which was the day before). Most of the students had lost some teeth and got to color in their chart for everyone they lost. Abigail was happy the tooth fairy would be coming, but was disappointed that she didn't get to tell everyone at school about it.
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May 16, 2011...Kindergarten Program

Abigail did great at her end of the year program. The whole grade had been practicing and learning songs since right after Christmas and they all did a great job. EVERY student had a speaking part that they memorized and not a single one forgot their words or even appeared to be nervous or shy! I don't think I would have done that in kindergarten!

Best buddy Emmye!

We loved Mrs. Wolters and Miss Roach and hope next year in first grade we are just as lucky!

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May 11th, 2011...Chapel at school

Abigail and three others fron her class got selected to lead the pledges during chapel for the school. Abigail was the Bible holder and her friend Emmye got to lead the words. It was an honor to get picked and she practiced and was so excited about it! Henry and I went to watch.

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May, 2011...Potty training

Just had to document when henry started wearing big boy underwear during the day! He does really well and caught on pretty fast, at least with #1 that is! The other is TBA!

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May 4, 2011....Henry's Mother's Day Program

They invited the moms to come watch their group time routine at Henry's MDO. He only goes one day a week, but he really seems to enjoy it. It was fun getting to see him at school.

His teachers Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Claire!
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May, 2011...First family pictures

I finally broke down and made the appointment to have our pictures taken. Ironically, I had to cancel the date that we had been planning on for 4 months because it was the weekend Henry had that terrible allergic reaction to penicillin and he was COVERED in red spots! We rescheduled for a few weeks later and Elizabeth Wiggs took them in Arlington at the Depot Square.

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Eating at the Fish Tent, 2011

We did our usual pony rides while we were waiting to eat fish. This was henry's first year to ride and Abigail was big enough to ride by herself!

We all waited in line to eat and this is the only picture I got while we were eating. You can tell how relaxed our dinner was by Henry in the picture! He wasn't still for a minute!
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Fish Fry Parade, 2011

Waiting for the parade to start.

Love it when the clydesdales get to come!

Henry really like the parade, he waved at everyone and danced to the marching bands.

Sara Kate got to come too!
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Fish Fry 2011

Henry was big enough to ride Abigail's favorite dragon roller coaster and in typical henry fashion, he watched how the guy put the bar down and he was already "working on it" before the ride got started.

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May 3, 2011...Abigail takes off the training wheels!

Right after her 6th birthday she decided she wanted to take off her training wheels and in less than a week, she was riding everywhere! Had we known we would have got her a new, bigger bike for her 6th birthday, but we had no idea she would learn that fast! We are on the hunt for a new bike now! Of course, Henry can't be left out, he is quite the pro on the tricycle and has been for a while!

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