Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kirby Christmas 2007

The trio decorating cookies!
Jimmy, John, and Abigail waitingpaitently by their pile to open presents.

Christmas in Paris

We had fun at Poppa's on Christmas Eve. Abigail got a new kitchenaid mixer to go with her new "dishwasher" (kitchen).

Meme and Paw Paw got her lots of things but the favorite was the Bitty Baby twins and their stroller. She wanted them out of the box immediately and after she played a while we asked her what she was going to name them and she quickly named the girl Dorthy and she had to think a few minutes on the boy and then said Tinman. We haven't watched The Wizard of Oz in months, so the names were surprising.
Taking her first nap in her big girl bed!

Santa's Visit

Santa came to our house a couple of nights early because I have been to my grandparents house in Camden, TN every Christmas Eve of my life and I don't want to miss it. They live 2 hours away from Memphis and it is hard to be there for dinner and presents on Christmas Eve and then drive back to Memphis and right now Abigail doesn't get the concept of reading the calendar so we just adjust it a little. Santa brought Abigail the "dishwasher" that she had been asking for and a big girl bed in a new room that she wasn't expecting along with some other smaller toys and some clothes that she could have cared less about. She knew her stocking had been hanging on the mantle to we put it on the doorknob to her new room upstairs and so that was the first thing she noticed was missing and we told her Santa took it to where her presents were. She was excited about everything and wants to play in her "big girl room" all the time. The only catch is she wants someone with her all the time and gets upset when we don't play with her every minute. We left for Paris that afternoon and so she didn't get to sleep in her new bed for a few more nights but when we got home she started napping and sleeping in it and has done very well. She hasn't gotten up once and even stays in her bed until we come get her.
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