Sunday, August 9, 2009

Henry's Surgery

Henry has had this dermoid cyst on his eye (look at the end of his eyebrow-right side) for several months. It grew bigger for a while and them seemed to stay the same. I have taken him to the Dr at least 3 times just to have it looked at only to be told it was fine, it is just a cosmetic thing, we will see about it later when he is a little older, etc...
No one ever mentioned that it could rupture! So when he started walking and of course falling down more, it did just that and ruptureed. We don't know exactly when, I just noticed that is looked much different. Not the usual marble under the skin look, more spread out and hanging down over his eye. (I took this picture after he enjoyed feeding himself watermelon)
So in Aug 5 a pediatric opthamologist cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon(I didn't know there was such a thing) took it off during an outpatient procedure. This is right after we got home. He was ready to eat of course. He did great and the surgery/anesthesia didn't seem to bother him at all. He did sleep that day from 11am-4pm.
This was day 2. Looking good and still has his appetite. This boy loves to eat and will eat anything, Ilove it!
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Trip to Birmingham

Our new neice was born and so we took a road trip to see her.
The three amigos had a blast and it won't be long and Henry and Sara Beth will be right on their heels!
Sara Elisabeth, she was 5 days old and very cute!
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Feeding the Fish

We had to feed the fish too. This has always been a highlight of going to Poppa's house. I have been feeding them as long as I can remember. The fish can hear you walking up and start jumping and flopping before you even get to the food.
Catfish everywhere and he had just taken out 1200 pounds to sell.
They practically swim up on the bank to get the food.
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Trip to Camden

Abigail and Poppa getting ready to go get the eggs from the nests.
She got 7 eggs! We took some home to use and and let me say I would get myself some chickens if I could because they were the best eggs and made the store bought ones seem yucky! Maybe organic is better! Ha!
Showing off the eggs. I am trying not to pass on my fear of feathered friends to my kids. I would have never gone in that chicken pen but I never told her that. I even went in that bird house at the zoo this summer and that took all I had to not squeal every time those birds whizzed past my head.
We had a little photo shoot by the pond of course.
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Walking and cute pictures

Just a cute one after church with a little glimpse of Millie in the front.
I am walking!

Showing off our matching shirts that Abigail HATES by the way because it isn't a dress! If she had her way Henry would wear dresses if I wanted them to match.
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