Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 7, 2010..Snow Part 2!

Well it snowed again a couple of weeks later and this time we were able to make a snowman.
We did get the poor guy some eyes later but I had already put my camera back in the house.
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Jan. 28, 2010

We love our cardboard, redneck sled, but if we keep getting so much snow I guess we should invest in a sled. We also tried out the lid to a rubbermaid container and it worked good too. It helped that the "snow" we got was mostle ice. Our yard could have literally been an ice skating rink.
Henry loved slidding. He would sit down on the sled and wait got someone to push him down the hill and then would say "again" at the bottom.
Abigail loved sledding too, but ate quite a bit as well.
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