Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Afternoon

This is Abigail being cooperative for the pictures. Ha!
We did get a decent one.
Abigail was good and saved Henry once from falling off the bench. He was pretty excited to be sitting there and almost waved himself right off!
Easter 2009
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Easter Morning

Just coming down to see what the Eater Bunny brought.
Hunting the eggs he hid. Henry still not totally crawling but he gets where he wants to go.
Henry was proud of his basket.
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We dyed eggs on Good Friday. Abigail is getting ready.
She was pretty meticulous and liked just putting the eggs in and taking them out over and over and over.
Henry just watched and played with her jelly beans.
The next morning I asked her if she wanted one of her eggs with breakfast and she told me she wanted hers scrambled. Didn't really get the whole boiled egg concept.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still Almost Crawling

I just wanted to document some pictures of Henry learning to crawl. Things seem to happen so gradually that I forget to write things down. He is all over the floor, but has yet to actually do the crawling motion. He sits and gets on his hands and knees and then goes back to sitting.

Almost doing it!
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Easter Party at Preschool

Having pizza at the party at school. They had an egg hunt, but they did that before the actual party started so I didn't see it.

On our way to school. I took Abigail at 9:00 and then Henry and I went back at 11:00 for the party.
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Easter Egg Hunt

My child who fights me to wear a dress EVERYDAY but also doesn't care how dirty she gets and doesn't mind pulling it up to pick weeds, I mean flowers. (she says)
Abigail won the "How many jelly beans are in the jar?" contest. She told me it looked like 12 to her and I talked her into letting us write down 538 and there were 588 total. She was so cute seeing her when they called her name. We were all surprised to hear it.
Getting ready to hear them say GO!
Henry just hanging out at the egg hunt.
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Mowing the yard

Matthew mentioned that he was going to mow the yard a couple of Saturdays ago and Abigail all of a sudden announced that she was going to ride with him. I have been trying to get her to ride forever and she would have no part of it. She wouldn't even sit on the mower when it was turned off last year and now she is asking to ride. Well, she couldn't wait and had to have a mask to wear too. I figured she would be coming in the back door in about 3 minutes max telling me that she was finished, but she surprised me and stayed on there forever. The only reason she got off is because she fell asleep riding and Matthew stopped and turned off the motor to bring her in but she woke up. I am glad she enjoyed it, maybe it won't be too long and she can mow the yard for us!
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7 Months old and almost crawling!

Our monthly picture on the changing table. He is almost too big to do this. I was afraid he was going to jump right off there!
Getting so big, 7 months old on April 2, 2009.
He is so close to crawling, everytime I put him down I am just sure that he is going to take off any minute.
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