Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

Our valentines day was quite an eventful one! On Friday night Matthew's parents kept the kids and we went to eat at Huey's. It wasn't supposed to be any kind of v-day dinner but we should have gone somewhere else because we barely got Henry picked up(Abigail spent the night) and home that Matthew was sick, VERY sick. It seems to have been food poisoning because no one else has gotten it. Thank goodness!
Everyone was finally home on Saturday night and we gave out v-day surprises right before bedtime. Abigail liked her American Girl book and mini Kit doll and there was a box of candy just Henry's size that he loved playing with and he let his sister eat the candy.
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Playing outside

Abigail and Henry wore their coordinating sweaters and hats that my mom got them for Christmas and I just wanted to take a picture. For the moment they both like wearing hats and no one taked it off. Abigail even wore hers in the house!
We had another nice day and we didn't go to church because they were both coughing so we played outside instead. Henry took his first "beep beep" car ride and wagon ride with Abigail. They both liked it and would have let me pull them all day.

Henry loves Abigail so much. He smiles and laughs at everything she does. It is so cute!
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Bible study and sitting up!

Here is Henry after his first trip to MOMS and here is Abigail after I picked her up from preschool. Henry did pretty good but Abigail was a little under the weather when I picked her up. She had a bad cold and cough for a few days and eventually Henry got it too. I did end up taking them both to the Dr and they didn't give either one of them any medicine. Humidifiers and tylenol. I could have saved $50, I had already been doing that!

Henry is sitting up pretty good now. I don't really walk away from him unless the pillow is around him, but he is really into grabbing and reaching for everything!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Henry is 5 months old!

Still loving the saucer. He has already mastered all the tricks on it. Abigail is to thrilled that he can play the music all by himself. Everytime she hears it come on she runs over and says "Good boy" in this high-pitched voice. Everytime he turns it on it was as if it was the first time ever!
He also loves his feet now too! He was waiting on his turn in the bath. He loves taking a bath and likes to splash with his feet.
He was 5 months old on February 2 and he is really close to sitting up. He does great with the boppy pillow around him. He is following in his sisters footsteps because he has yet to roll over either way. I am pretty sure he could and he has gotten close but he hasn't really done it yet.

Stats from his 4 month check-up:
wt-17 lb, 9 oz 90-95%
ht-25 50%
head-42cm 50%
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