Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Christmas Pictures

Matching Pajamas
Henry didn't really want to join the picture, he was pooped and ready for bed.
Decorating cookies
Henry wondering what everyone does at this table all the time!
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Day after Christmas

We came home from Paris on Friday and went to the Kirby's that night. Abigail is getting ready to open presents at Grammy and Pops.
New furniture for her dollhouse Santa brought her.
New doll clothes Grammy made.
Henry having fun in the saucer.
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Christmas Day

Henry needed a little nap after opening all those presents.

Scott giving Millie some attention, she is so neglected! Ha!

Matthew started off hunting that morning as usual but this time he got his first deer. It was a doe, but the big one is still there because he walked out of the woods shortly after he got this one. We are going back to Paris this weekend to get him!

Abigail opening her presents at my parents.

Henry checking out his pile of presents.

New gown! She LOVES gowns.

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Christmas Morning

Santa came to see Abigail and Henry.
Millie just wanted to sit right in the middle of their new things.
Henry liked his new chair and drum.
Working on that new drum!
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Preschool Christmas Program and Santa

This has been Abigail's first year in preschool and she really likes it! They had a little Christmas program and she did perfect. She had been singing the songs around the house for weeks and I was a little worried that she might get stage fright and run off the stage or something but she didn't. She walked in in a line and got in her spot and sang every word and did every motion. The teachers led them off the stage and to the classroom and we went there to pick her up and she told us it wasn't time to leave she hadn't had a snack yet! She would have been happy to stay all day.
Since Matthew stayed home that morning to go to the program with us we went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop after the program. We usually do the mall but this year our Bass Pro location did the Christmas village and it was better that the mall. No lines, lots of things for kids to do, and free pictures. Abigail wasn't scared at all, neither was Henry!
Matthew and Abigail coloring a picture after talking to Santa.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Card Outtakes 2008

Pretty cute "Matthew grin"

He was tired of me taking pictures.

A pretty good one that I wanted at the end of this post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Still not comfortable yet.

Me trying to save Henry from being tossed off the couch.
I am sure this is common but the challenge this year was not the three month old, that leaves the 3 1/2 year old. She was so silly and not really interested in doing what we would ask her to do that it made getting the picture really hard! I was going for anything, we started out trying to get a good picture of both of them together but Abigail was getting wild and not really wanting to hold Henry up so Matthew said lets just do some separately and put two separate pictures on the card. I think I took 254 pictures to get the ones I used on the card and turns out I was able to put individuals and one picture together. It helped that the picture had to be cropped so much I could take out the flying arms and ugly background things I didn't want in the picture.
I can't believe Christmas is almost here! It looks like Santa will come to our house tomorrow night (23rd) so that we can go to Paris/Camden to my grandparents for Christmas eve dinner and presents. I am finally done shopping and so I am ready for Christmas to get here. Every year with Abigail gets more fun. She is excited and really has no requests about presents so I hope she likes what we picked out. She liked talking to Santa this year and we have a good picture this year that I will get on here soon. We saw him at Bass Pro Shop and that was much better than the mall. Abigial told me the Santa at the mall was scary. It was laid back there and there were lots of things for kids to do in their Christmas village so she just walked right up to him. It probablly helped that we got there about 15 minutes early from when the sign said Santa started seeing visitors, but Santa waved to us to come on up and Abigail went right up to him and started talking. Up until this point she was not interested in Santa and nothing you could say made her want to see him up close. She was ready to sacrifice her toys that he might bring her as long as we didn't take her to sit on his lap. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3 months old and exersaucer

Just a few days before Thanksgiving I tried Henry out in the saucer and he loves it. He really just likes being up and looking around. If you have been around him you know that there is only one way he wants to be held and that is up. Either on your shoulder or facing out. Unless you have food, don't even think about leaning him back. I think this contributes some to him hating the car/carseat.
December 2, 2008 Henry is three months old today. He is doing great and even has a routine, sort of. He eats at 7,11,3,7,10 and goes to bed. He sleeps great some nights and others he needs to be patted back to sleep several times. He doesn't really eat during the night anymore just is still waking up for some reason. He just wants you to pat him on his diaper and he quits wiggling and fussing and gets still and goes back to sleep. Doesn't really take a pacifier which is exactly the opposite if Abigail. Sleeps on his stomach(also opposite of Abigail) so this helps. He will use it some to nap during the day but rarely uses it at night. Really starting to find his voice. He is getting louder and squealing sometimes. He is always in constant motion, if his eyes are open his arms and legs are moving all the time. I guess that is the difference between girls and boys. He is pretty happy most of the time and is beginning to smile and laugh more at Abigail. He probablly would have sooner if she would stand still long enough for him to focus in on her!
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Thanksgiving 2008

All the cousins come to Memphis on Thanksgiving and this is basically the one time per year we see some of them. Abigail sat at the boys table with Jimmy, John and Dylan. Mady, Ally, and Katy sat together at the other table.
Abigail ate a great lunch since she had been on an eating strike for the two days before Thanksgiving.
Group picture with four grandkids this year!
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Day before Thanksgiving

We had a little photo session the day before Thanksgiving. Just trying to get some pictures of the two of them both smiling. Henry smiles a lot it is just hard to get him to smile and take the picture at the same time.
Playing under the floor gym together.
Always has liked the changing table.
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Thanksgiving Feast

Abigail had her feast at school the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Luckily she had an Indian dress to wear for the day and her hair looked cute braided but by the time I picked her up at 12:00 she had taken it all down. The parents didn't go to the feast so I didn't see what they ate but Abigail took the turkey and told me that everyone ate it!
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Just because he's cute!

Henry is really starting to respond to everything and watch you. I think he is even crying when I walk away from him because he wants to be talked to. I haven't decided about his hair yet. It looks red in pictures but not so much in person. It is definitely not as dark as Abigail's.
His hair is falling out on top like Abigail's did. Matthew says his head looks like a horseshoe. He still has hair on the sides, just not on top.

Abigail's performance

This was so funny. First of all she is wearing her "dress ups" that we bought after Halloween at Cracher Barrel on clearance. She wears them non-stop but this day she decided to sing and play the piano for a concert. She was singing Twinkle, Twinkle and even did it again after I went to get my camera. I really wish I had taped it. I am sure it will happen again.
I can't figure out how to change the order of the pictures and no matter how hard I try they always download different than I selected them. Anyway, I took this as we were leaving to get our picture made at church for the directory. They looked so cute all dressed up and both of them have yet to go to church at the same time so I haven't taken a picture with them both dressed up.

More performance!