Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Abigail is 3!

We had Abigail's 3rd birthday party on Saturday, April 19th. It was a princess party complete with the princess cake. We just had family members, we haven't really started the invite friends type of party. She had fun and really enjoyed the presents this year. We just ordered pizza and had lunch, cake and presents. The cake was pretty cute for Kroger. The lady that made her cake last year was out of town this week and wasn't available.
This is the only thing she wanted. This Ariel doll that says things when you push her hand. Every time anyone asked her what she wanted for her birthday she told them the Ariel doll and she didn't really want to talk about any other gifts. I guess in her mind she thought she might not get it if she chose another gift to want. Buying her gifts was a challenge this year.

As usual she was asleep about 15 minutes after my parents left. I was too early to really go to bed plus she was sticky and dirty. She did wake up as we were changing her clothes and was really cranky, but managed to stay awake a little while and go to bed early.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Here He Is!

Well if you haven't already heard it is a boy! We are excited but we would have been either way. This is the clearest picture we got so I scanned it in. We do have a picture of the proof that it is a boy, but that just didn't seem appropriate to put on here! This picture is the 4-D ultrasound. The technician gave us a picture of Abigail like this at 19 weeks so I asked her if she would give me one to match. I am sure most of you know this costs $200 and they usually do it much later in the pregnancy so you can get better pictures of fatter babies. I don't care he does look like Abigail did at 19 weeks. We don't do the 4-D ultrasound. Right now he is just a skinny wiggle worm he was stretching and arching his back like crazy. I guess I also want to document that we came home to tell Abigail and after all these weeks of her telling us it is going to be a brother we tell her she is right and all she has to say is "I didn't choose a brother, I want a sister!" This comment pretty much describes her right now. I feel sure if we told her is was a sister she would say the opposite. The threes are definitely more challenging than the twos, or any other age for that matter!