Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1.21.2011...Second snow day

having a picnic in the snow.
Henry thought Millie wanted to sled because she would chase the sled everytime someone went down the hill so Matthew tried and of course she wanted no part of riding on the sled! In this picture henry was saying "there's no more room" he wanted in with Matthew and Millie.
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1-19-2011...Henry starts Kindermusik

Henry loves his first class and has been listening to the cd ever since. He is in Mrs. Annette's class the same teacher that taught Abigail at his age.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day part 2... jan. 10, 2011

Pretty typical, the men working on the sled and Abigail making snow angels.
Henry enjoyed sledding on his back and nearly fell asleep at one point.

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Jan. 10, 2011...Snow Day

First snow this winter.

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Trying for a group picture!

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Kirby Christmas, 2010

Getting ready to open gifts!

Finally got a pillow pet!
Everyone got matching Ole Miss shirts from Aunt Lynne!
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Christmas Day, 2010

Tired kids waiting at the top of the stairs to come and see what Santa brought.
Santa was pretty good this year!
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Christmas Eve in Camden, 2010

The great-grandkids with Poppa!

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Christmas in Paris, 2010

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Dec. 18, 2010... Going to church

Just a quick picture before heading to church.
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Dec. 16, 2010... Christmas party at kindergarten

Abigail, Alissa and Kaley
Abigail and good buddy Emmye after the program.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dec. 11, 2010...Visiting Santa

Luckily everyone was excited about seeing Santa this year and there were no tears involved!
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