Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sept 16, 2010...Henry goes to mothers day out

My birthday was Henry's first day of "school." He was excited to go and didn't shed a tear and I will have to say that is was a great birthday present for me too to have a little time to do some things by myself! He is only going one day a week to Advent Presbyterian.

The last two pictures were taken his second day of school with his new Mickey backpack and lunchbox. I bought him a cute small red backpack but realized really quickly we needed the full size with all the blankets, pillow, lunchbox, etc.. he needs to take. This is a first for me because Abigail didn't go to school until she was 3 1/2 and only went 9-12 then. I felt pretty guilty at first, but after seeing how much he misses having Abigail to play with and how much he loves going to play with "the kids" it has worked out great. He even takes a nap there and hasn't been cranky at all!
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Sept. 16th, 19th and 23rd...Birthday month

After Henry's party we have a week off and then we celebrate my birthday on the 16th,

then it is Pop on the 19th,
and Matthew on the 23rd. Grammy's birthday is the next week on Oct. 4 and unfortunately I left my camera at home when we went over to celebrate so I don't have a picture of her and our 5th cake of the month!
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