Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures from June

I haven't blogged anything in a long time but there hasn't been much going on around here. The summer has been pretty calm. We have officially started the swimming season. Abigail loves swimming and we go a couple of times a week. She would stay all day if I would. I never dreamed I would wear a maternity swimsuit, but you have to so something in this heat.
The first picture was the day we got out our inflatable pool out and the water was chilly. We were filling it up so she basically just waded around in the water. Then later we tried out the big pool, you can tell we already applied sunscreen by the glare on her face. I liked the pose too! She is either in the mood to take a picture or not there is not much in between. This particular day she wanted to cooperate. We also had to break down and wash the car and she just decided to sit right down and play in the soapy water bucket and loved it. She was "making" me all sorts of things to eat and drink while I was washing. Her imagination is really on high speed these days it is so funny to just watch her play.
Baby Kirby is getting bigger every day and that means me too unfortunately. Everything is just as normal as it can be and the Dr. appointments are very short. I went last week for the last monthly visit and now I am going to go every two weeks. It doesn't seem like it is that time already. I passed the diabebtes test and we are just moving on from there. The only excitement is that the due date is Sept 7 and Abigail starts preschool Sept 2nd and 4th for the first time. She will go on Tues and Thurs. from 9-12. I am sure it will work out. I already asked the Dr. how does the 5th sound? That is a Friday and I would not be in the hospital when she had to go to school. So if nothing happens I anticipate the birthday being Sept 5th.