Friday, November 14, 2008

Just because he's cute!

Henry is really starting to respond to everything and watch you. I think he is even crying when I walk away from him because he wants to be talked to. I haven't decided about his hair yet. It looks red in pictures but not so much in person. It is definitely not as dark as Abigail's.
His hair is falling out on top like Abigail's did. Matthew says his head looks like a horseshoe. He still has hair on the sides, just not on top.

Abigail's performance

This was so funny. First of all she is wearing her "dress ups" that we bought after Halloween at Cracher Barrel on clearance. She wears them non-stop but this day she decided to sing and play the piano for a concert. She was singing Twinkle, Twinkle and even did it again after I went to get my camera. I really wish I had taped it. I am sure it will happen again.
I can't figure out how to change the order of the pictures and no matter how hard I try they always download different than I selected them. Anyway, I took this as we were leaving to get our picture made at church for the directory. They looked so cute all dressed up and both of them have yet to go to church at the same time so I haven't taken a picture with them both dressed up.

More performance!

Two month checkup

This was Henry Tuesday night(11-11-08) after the appointment. He was pooped!
He did get shots but this picture was taken before the doctor even came in the room. I guess he was tired of waiting.

He is growing so fast. 2 month stats: 14 lbs 11oz
height-23 1/2
He did great with the shots. He cried for less than a minute and we were done. He doesn't seem to have fever of feel bad either.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Henry is 2 months old

Henry is two months old and growing like crazy. The last time at the Dr. he weighed 11 pounds and that was a few weeks ago. We go soon for the 2 month visit and first group of shots. He lost his hair on top just like Abigail did and he is eating us out of house and home. He is drinking 6 ounces every 3 hours and sleeping a little longer at night. Two nights ago he slept til 7:00am but the next night he was up at 3:15, earlier than usual so who knows. He still doesn't enjoy riding in the car or carseat for that matter so that makes going places challenging . I usually just carry him in the stores whick makes shopping hard. I guess I am going to have to break down and become one of those babywearers with the slings. Abigail asked me the other day when I was going to take her back to the mall. It was sort of pitiful, but she isn't used to staying home all the time. I am glad she gets to go to preschool to get out of the house.
He if starting to look around a lot and smile and coo when you talk to him. He loves to eat, take a bath and be talked too.
Gotta love those cheeks!
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Halloween 2008

Henry and Abigail waiting to have dinner and break the pinata with our neighbors. We went trick-or-treating later and she loved it this year more than ever. She would have never stopped I don't think. She really got into ringing the doorbell and saying trick-or-treat and telling the people she was Dorthy. She likes passing out candy just as much I think. She got upset when we turned out the porch lights at 9:15.
Our neighbors youngest Carter was born the exact same day as Abigail and at the same hospital so they play together sometimes and we invited him and his three older siblings over to eat hot dogs and break the pinata. Abigail was in line to hit one last weekend in Paris but it broke before she got a turn and so Matthew thought that would be fun to do before we trick-or-treated.
She wasn't actually the one that broke it but we would have waited a long time for that. It was a pretty tough pinata and she just didn't have enough of a swing to do much damage. It was a good thing there were some bigger kids here to get it started.
Picking up the candy, she thought this was the most fun anyway. She just squealed every time she saw a piece to pick up.
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Harvest Party at preschool

The school had a petting zoo come to the school and so the kids were able to dress like farmers or animals. We had the cowgirl that was last years Halloween costume so we went with that.
Having snacks with her class

Getting to hold the rabbit.

Feeding the goats. She didn't really like them eating/licking her hand so she would just put the food on the ground in front of them.

First Haircut

Abigail got her first haircut this weekend in Paris. Mary Jane got to do the honors and just trimmed the ends. Abigail had been saying for a long time that she didn't want a haircut so I never really pushed her to do since there wasn't really a reason, but lately her hair was looking unhealthy on the ends and really hard to comb out in the mornings. It looks practically the same but much easier to comb. She did great, climbed right up in the chair.

My mom painted her nails while I was getting my haircut.

Henry's First Weekend in Paris

We had the third annual Halloween Party with some of my friends from High School on Oct. 25th. I don't get to see them that often because I don't live in Paris anymore so I feally look forward to catching up with them and seeing their kids. We have new additions every year it seems. This is Abigail as Dorthy and Henry getting to leave for the party.
All the kids in their costumes at the party.

Mia and Abigail getting ready to do the pinata and Halloween candy hunt. They also made a candy corn craft and ate hot dogs and PB&J sandwiches.

Picking up the candy after the pinata broke.

Grandparents Visit

These pictures are in the wrong order. On October 19th my grandparents came to meet Henry for the first time. This was Abigail that afternoon after they left. I looks like it is possible to talk herself to sleep. She had played hard and talked a lot while they were here.

One of his first smiles. He is really starting to coo and talk to you. It is so sweet!

1 Month Old

Smiling in his sleep! He will only sleep on his stomach. It worries me because of SIDS and all but the reflux wakes him up every 5 minutes on his back.
Did catch him sleeping on his back one time so I had to take a picture. Normally I lay him down on his back when I want him to wake up.

Abigail doesn't really ask to hold him all that much but she will for a picture.

Taken on his one month birthday. He is doing really well now. Eating 6 ounces every 3 hours and sleepingfrom 9:30 til about 3 am. He had to have an upper GI test at the hospital to confirm the reflux diagnosis and the medicine is helping quite a bit. Also changed him to Enfamil AR formula that has rice cereal in it to keep it down in his stomach better. He doesn't really spit-up that much even though he has reflux. Still hates the carseat!