Monday, January 11, 2010

December 2009

Henry LOVES to take a bath (or shower)! This is what he does while I am running the water and if he has to get out and Abigail gets to stay in. He gets highly offended if he doesn't get to do EVERYTHING big sister does.
This is the face when he doesn't get what he wants!

Where's Henry?

A minute later he had recovered and decided to play peek-aboo with Abigail who was still in the tub.
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Christmas in Memphis

Watch for Abigail.
Jack in the Box foe Henry.
Super cute wooden cricket pull toy from Uncle Andrew.
New curious george ball and glove.

Now, looking back at pictures I have so few to remember this Christmas. This was the most challenging year yet having to help 2 kids open and keep up with who gave what gift. They each want to take the gift out of the box immediately (who would blame them) and it gets kind of hairy keeping everything straight. It was a great Christmas and we have so many things to be thankful for!
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Christmas in Paris

Loves the new Barbie case and new American Girl Kaya!

Henry loves his new camo tent and Abigail's zhu zhu pet was fun too!
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Christmas Eve in Camden

Henry and Poppa were best buddies because he kept the yummy punch flowing.
Henry got a new Leapfrog guitar.
Abigail got the magic light paintbrush that she REALLY wanted because she saw it on tv too!
She also loved the new barbie.
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Even more Santa!

They must have been good this year!
Her pink singing Barbie.
The famous Aqua Sand.
Henry likes his new gun and now can even do sounds to go with it.
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More Santa

Checking out the stockings.
Henry went straight for the ball.
Love that smile!
He liked the handle of Abigail's new Play-doh and rolling pin.
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Santa Came! 2009

Abigail's gifts from Santa (not the kitchen, that was from 2 Christmases ago) All she had asked for was Aqua Sand and a Barbie. I wonder if there were anyother kids on earth that wanted Aqua Sand, but that is all she talked about. She saw a commercial on TV of course that made her want it. Santa found it at Toys R Us thank goodness.
A few joint gifts.
Henry's Santa gifts.
More of Abigail's
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December 20, 2009...Visiting Santa

With Abigail getting sick at the beginning of the week and Henry sick at the end we didn't go to church that Sunday and decided to try to see Santa. We almost missed him because we knew we wouldn't have much time that next week. I called Bass Por Shop and asked when Santa would be there and they told me noon. We got there about 11:45 and stood in the already formed line waiting for him. Luckily we were only about 5th in the line, by the time Santa came the line was out the door! Henry of course wasn't a fan of Santa and Abigail did great this year. She does say that she only likes him at Bass Pro and NOT the mall. The were moving the line through and taking pictures quickly and in the car she noticed she hadn't told him what she wanted for Christmas. We assured her that he knew already and ir would be fine.

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December 16, 2009...Preschool Christmas Program

All ready to go sing in the program!
The whole group.
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Decemer 14, 2009...Christmas Party at school.

Just a few pictures from Abigail's Christmas party at school. She almost didn't get to go because she had been running a fever the day before, but seemed fine that morning so we went. Henry, however was getting what she had and didn't feel well at all. I ended up with him at the Dr the next day and he tested positive for the flu. Matthew, Henry and I all started taking Tamiflu. Henry definitely had the worst case, he felt pretty bad for several days and He and I missed Abigail's Christmas program, matthews Christmas party, and my cookie swap later that week.

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