Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Day

First thing of course was emptying the Easter basket.
With an empty Easter basket she found all the eggs that had been hidden. We managed to do that before leaving for church at 8:30. We all then manages to get desses and head to church on time!
We took pictures after church and had lunch at Grammy and Pop's. It was a full day and I think Abigail went to bed the earliest ever! Not having a nap for three straight days will catch up to you eventually.

Pre-Easter Activities

We celebrated Easter at my parents the weekend before with an Easter basket and bunnies you can decorate.
Then we did the Easter egg hunt with Matthew's parents.
We also died eggs at home that week but I peeled one and Abigail is not interested in eating them. She said "this just smells awful!" She did try one bite though.

First Snow! (that she remembers)

Well, I am so behind on blogging that I had to go back to the snow to catch up. Early March we had about 5-6 inches and so on Saturday morning Abigail couldn't wait to get in it. I didn't have a snow suit or anything that was really waterproof but she could have cared less about that and she didn't seem cold at all. I think she would have stayed out all day. The first thing she did was lay right down in the snow to make a snow angel. She did some sledding on a cardboard box that worked pretty good. She loved it and after she got used to it started holding up her arms when Matthew would push her down the hill. I think Millie might have had more fun than anyone. That crazy dog just wanted us to throw snowballs for her to fetch. The only problem is she couldn't find them when they landed so she would bury her nose in the snow and make a tunnel all over the yard trying to find it.