Monday, July 27, 2009

July 7, 2009

Just discovered his rocking chair, loves to drag it around the house so we had a little photoshoot in it!

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Zoo Trip, July 6, 2009

The whole gang!
Henry and Abigail. It is so hard to get a picture of both of that at least looking at the camera, much less smiling.
Abigail feeding the birds. Warning, do not go in that bird house if you don't like birds near your head. They are flying everywhere and are not scared of the people at all.
Davis showing Henry a bird. Henry actually liked them and tried to grab it everytime and would scare the bird away.
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Henry is 10 months old!

Well I didn't get his picture on July 2 his actual b-day but I took these on the 6th after we got home from Paris. We celebrated by going to the zoo with my neighbor Angie and we had a blast!
Henry is still pulling up on anything and everything and is VERY close to walking (yes, I am writing this as if it was July 6, he is walking now! Ha!) He is also loving table food and could give up his bottle right now, but I am not ready for that!
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Fourth of July

We went to Paris to celebrate the 4th and that night we went to my friend April's house for their annual party. It was fun and Abigail loved playing with all the kids. April and Patrick have two kids Kiley and Colt and they are each almost exactly 5 months older than Abigail and Henry. So Abigail loved playing with Kiley and Colt and Henry will be getting into some trouble very soon.
These are the only pictures I have from the whole day. It kept raining about every 15 minutes so I just gave up and put the camera back in the car.
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Sprinkler Park

One friday (in June, I am still trying to catch up on blogging), I got the nerve to take the kids to Collierville to the sprinkler park. They had fun and Henry was everywhere. He was crawling and would just stop on top of the sprinklers that were off at the time and I spent most of my time making sure the water didn't smack him in the face. He would not sit still at all for a picture. He was doing the "bear crawl" because the concrete hurts his knees.

As usual we have to take snacks everywhere.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Church and VBS

Going to church in cute matching outfits. Henry's had a green alligator on it that you cann't see in the picture.
Going to VBS. We did Boomerang Express and this was Abigail's first year to really do vbs. She went last year because I worked. I worked this year too in music and that is a whole other blog post in itself! Me, teaching music, that needed a lot of prayer just for that!
Henry after his first day at vbs.
Everybody getting in the car to go home on the first day.
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June 2, 2009 - 9 months old

Henry was 9 months on June 2. He is on one mission and that is to walk! He isn't yet, but is pulls up on anything that stands still long enough!

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Pink Palace and Bath/Bedtime

Abigail on her first trip to the Pink Palace.
He will kill me one day, but I just want to remember those cute rolls that will be gone soon since he is walking more and more everyday and how much he loves to cruise the side of the tub waiting for his turn. He loves turning on the water too!
His 2nd favorite place if right here under the kitchen table. He spends a lot of time there and is learning to walk by pushing the chairs all over the kitchen!
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Big boy carseat!

Henry was 9 months old when I couldn't carry him in that infant seat any longer. I had waited until Abigail was done with preschool because it was easier to leave him in it to go in to get her. We were getting it all ready in the house before we put it in the car.
Loves the new seat! (I am so behind in blogging that he is now facing the front instead of the rear, this pic was taken in May)
Just a cute picture of Abigail and Henry playing together!
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"Jumping Thing" and First Boo Boo

We have this "Jumping Thing" (as abigail calls it) at the mall and she has been wanting to do it since she saw it and I always tell her we have to wait for Daddy to come with us so one Friday night he finally did and she had a blast. We had to wait in line and she was watching some bigger kids and they were doing flips so when it was her turn she was throwing her head back trying to do a flip. She really didn't even weigh enough to jump. The workers were grabbing her harness and pulling her down so that she would fly back up.

Henry got his first big scrape , he pulled a box down off of a chair and it scratched his face. It bled a little but he was fine in about 1 minute, it did look pretty bad though.
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Preschool Graduation

On May 20, Abigail had her preschool graduation. They marched in and had their name called and sang a few songs. She was funny because they had practiced some at school and they were calling out everyone's full name and she had memorized them all. She would say them like the announcer was saying them. She liked for me to say the names (after she taught them to me) and we practiced at home with the pretend people going and then it was her turn.

This is Abigail and her favorite friend at school Ellie Grace. They aren't going to be in the same class next year because she switched to m-w-f and we are staying the same Tues/Thurs.
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Playing and Hula Hooping

Henry was just enjoying the nice weather. He liked being able to crawl around the blanket and I didn't have to worry about him crawling off because he didn't like the grass and when he got to the edge, he wouldn't touch it!

Abigail got her hula hoop for her birthday and she has practiced and practiced and she can go like crazy! I am shocked at how good she is. She can keep it up for the longest time and then let it go down to her knees and still will keep it going.
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