Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Henry is 4 months old!

Henry was four months old on January 2 and since we were out of town this weekend I took his picture today while Abigail was at preschool. He is growing so fast! If only he would sleep through the night! Ha! No really, he is doing ok, I have not been feeding him at night for a while, however I should so we could all get some sleep. I feed him his last bottle as late as I possible can (usually around 10pm) and put him to bed. He sleeps fine until about 4:00 and then we start the pacifier game, I am sure I give it to him no less than 100 times. He doesn't sleep with it initially, just when he thinks he needs to eat do I give it to him. The weird thing is he isn't even really awake when he is grunting, twisting, fussing etc... Just not really content. When it is a reasonable time to feed him, I roll him over and wake him up he is all smiles and doesn't seem hungry anymore. I hope this is a phase, because does a baby really need to eat more than 42 ounces a day? I think at 4 months and 18+ pounds he could sleep for at least 8 hours. I am looking forward to his 4 month check-up to get some directions about feeding him solids, if I can wait til then.
He is a happy baby and loves sitting up and sticking his tongue out, thanks to his dad. He hasn't rolled over yet but he is getting close, when he is on his stomach he won't stay on his blanket for long because he pushes up on he arms and slides back . He pushes back every night until his feet hit the end of the bed.
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